1. How do citizen avail the demand incentive on the purchase of a xEV?

The demand incentive benefit will be passed on to the consumer upfront at the time of purchase of the xEV itself by way of paying reduced price.

2. Is the FAME incentive applicable throughout the country?

Presently scheme is applicable in selected areas like as notified separately broadly covering following cities;

  1. Cities under "Smart Cities" initiatives
  2. Major metro agglomerations – Delhi NCR, Greater Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad.
  3. c. All State Capitals and other Urban Agglomerations/Cities with 1 Million+ population (as per 2011 census)
  4. d. Cities of the North Eastern States

However, for 2 and 3 wheeler, scheme is applicable in entire country.

3. Why scheme is not applicable throughout the country?

Phase I of the scheme is a sort of pilot project just to see the reaction of people to the electric and hybrid vehicles. If this phase is successful, in next phase, scheme will be applicable throughout the country.

4. Is the FAME incentive applicable along with any other incentives that may be available in my home state for electric vehicles?

The FAME incentive will be available over and above any State level EV incentives being offered by any State/Local bodies.

However for JNNRUM (AMRIT) funded buses, there is a specific incentive amount declared in the Scheme Guidelines.

5. For how long is this demand incentive available?

The FAME scheme is presently applicable until 31st March 2017

6. Will the FAME incentive be applicable on self capitalized vehicles for own use or for employee use/lease/CTC vehicles by the OEM

Yes. The demand incentive will be available for all types and self capitalized vehicles as well.

7. Will the FAME incentive be applicable to fleet operators who wish to purchase xEVs for commercial applications (e.g. for use as a taxi)?

Yes. The demand incentive will be applicable for fleet operators for commercial applications as well.

8. Will the FAME incentive be applicable for billings done directly by an OEM to a customer i.e. a sale that is not routed through an authorized dealer of the OEM?

Yes. The OEM can bill the vehicle and customer may avail the demand incentive.

9. Is the FAME incentive available to corporate and other organizations or only to individuals?

Yes, the incentive will be available to corporate and organizations.

10. Is the FAME incentive applicable for multiple xEV purchases by a customer? Or is it possible to get subsidy for bulk orders on a single person’s name or on single company’s names?

Yes. An individual may buy multiple xEV’s and avail the demand incentive applicable for each of them.

11. It is said that Electric Vehicles (EV) are also called as Emission Elsewhere Vehicle (EEV). Is it true that EVs are just transferring emission from city area to the place where power is being generated?

The fact is that a typical conventional hatchback has 130-140 gm/km of CO2 emission comparing to an electric vehicle for 100 gm/km when charged by grid and when solar charged, there is ~0 gm/km CO2 emission from an electric vehicle.

12. Is it necessary to sold old gasoline based vehicles to get subsidy under FAME India Scheme?

No, there is no such condition in the present guidelines.

13. Are Electric and Hybrid Vehicles available in the market are safe to drive?

Demand incentive under FAME India scheme is available only to vehicles that are regulated by the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) and meet other qualifying criteria laid out in the FAME scheme. As such these vehicles meet all the safety regulations as applicable in the country.

14. Which electric vehicles categories are not covered under this scheme?

  1. E Rikshaw
  2. Electric Bicycles
  3. Vehicles used for carrying person/goods used within closed premises like factory, airport etc
  4. Electric Chair-cars

All those vehicles, which are not directly reducing fossil fuel, are not covered under FAME India Scheme.

What is there in FAME India Scheme for North East Region keeping its special category status into consideration:

Although this scheme is limited to selected cities with population more than one million and State Capitals, in order to promote North Eastern Region, this scheme has been extended to entire North Eastern Region irrespective of its population. This will help in reducing the vehicular pollution and in turn contributes in maintenance of fragile ecosystem of North Eastern Region.

Whether type tested electric/hybrid vehicle required to be tested vehicle again for inclusion in FAME India Scheme?

Yes, Scheme guidelines stated some eligibility criteria for each vehicle to be entitled for getting benefit under this scheme. In order to ascertain these eligibility criteria, all vehicles required to be tested by testing agencies for becoming eligible under this scheme.

Since the subsidy is only on a reimbursement basis, can we claim the amount from DHI and then pass it to customers.

No, As per scheme guidelines, incentive will be on reimbursement basis only after submission of claim. This claim required to be submitted only after sale of vehicles.